Integrity Support is a company that renders different kinds of services, usually administrative tasks and office support processes. Many agencies offer these kind of services online, and more companies are now using this for some good reasons listed below.

Overhead Cost

– Some starting up companies can benefit a lot from this scheme, because they don’t need to provide the equipment in the office. Hence, lesser maintenance cost every month.

Taxes and Benefits

-When you hire a regular employee, you are required to pay a part of their taxes and there are mandatory benefits that you also need to provide. Since Integrity Support is a company, we are responsible for paying our own taxes.

Quality of work

– VA’s from reputable agencies often provide better quality of work because they normally have a rating system of their own. They wouldn’t risk to get a negative comment from their clients to maintain their rating.

Flexible Schedule

– Integrity Support has experienced working with a lot of small size business and single business owners thus we guarantee the quality of work. Else we offer Money Back Guarantee.

– We provide 24/7 support if you need. We can work even while you’re sleeping and do encoding tasks, answer emails and do some other task. You can have your business running even you’re on a vacation. Time zone doesn’t really matter to Integrity Support.